Clean Modern Romance | Modern Love Story Shorts Series

Modern Love Story Shorts Series

My short modern love stories are written for anyone looking for a quick shot of love and romance to brighten any day. Enjoyable entertainment during lunchtime, coffee breaks and before bedtime can be found in these contemporary romances.

These feel-good stories are about everyday people finding love in a variety of places and sometimes with people they least expect. So read one of my modern love story shorts today.

Workplace Romance | Clean Office Romance Series

Clean Office Romance Series

Tired of the 9 to 5 work day grind? Who has the time or energy to look for love after a long hard day at work? What if true love was just a cubicle away?

My workplace romances feature the hilarious antics, intrigues, and rivalries that inevitably occur when men and women work together. Enjoy these romantic exploits and remember not everyone has to marry the boss to find Mr. Right in my clean office romance series.

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Contemporary Wedding Romance | Clean Marriage Romance Series

Clean Marriage Romance Series

These contemporary wedding romance stories are written for the true romantic at heart. No matter if you’re still looking for Mr. Right or whether you found your soulmate these sweet romantic books are just what the reader ordered.

Men and women still get married, stay married and live happily ever after despite living in a crazy, chaotic world in my clean marriage romance series.